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SiOnyx Aurora

A2K-SBN-2 NMEA 2000 Connector


Ulysses Mini

2020's Best Fishfinders/Sonars

Looking for new electronics to supplement what’s on your boat already or maybe it’s time to upgrade that old radar? There’s never a shortage of innovative new equipment to choose from, whether it’s the latest communications electronics or a more effective fishfinder. We’re here to help you sort through the many choices out there so you get the equipment that best meets your particular needs.

Every year the crew at Marine Electronics Journal asks manufacturers to name one model in a particular category of boating electronics they consider to be their Best & Brightest. It’s not necessarily the most technically advanced or newest but rather the one they rate highest in that category for one reason or another. Could be the functions and features it offers, or maybe it breaks new ground in maximizing effectiveness or utility, or maybe it’s the most popular as measured by sales to boaters. In some cases it has proved itself over the years as the go-to device.
This year the Best & Brightest Boating Electronics list includes 19 categories, from autopilots and survival devices to radar and satellite TV. For the next several weeks The Mic will roll out the results. We lead off with fishfinders/sonars.

Furuno Deep Impact DI-FFAMP

Welcome to the future of high-powered, deep-dropping, full-featured fishfinding. We’re not talking about your daddy’s fishfinder. Furuno took their commercial fishing know-how and put it into NavNet TZtouch3, giving you capabilities that a recreational line of fishfinders has never seen. Deep Impact DI-FFAMP transforms your NavNet TZtouch3’s onboard TrueEcho CHIRP Fish Finder into a high-powered fishfinding machine. Deep Impact amplifies your power to 2 or 3kW, allowing you to reach depths previously unfathomable. High-powered TruEcho CHIRP ensures your echoes come back strong and clear at every depth range, displaying fish targets and bottom structure with amazing clarity.

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope

Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope is the first and only live real-time scanning sonar. It gives anglers easy-to-interpret live scanning sonar images of structure, bait and fish swimming below and around the boat, even when it’s stationary. LiveScope features three modes in one transducer—LiveScope Down, LiveScope Forward and with the optional mount accessory, LiveScope Perspective. The transducer can easily be adjusted to fit the angler’s fishing techniques; simply point it down to see directly below the boat up to 200 feet, forward to see up to 200 feet around the boat, or adjust it to Perspective mode to get an overhead angle for shallow water up to 50 feet. All three views provide incredibly sharp, real-time scanning sonar images, and the view automatically changes on your compatible Garmin chartplotter screen.