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Electronics go for the gold, Part 2

Ten marine electronics products vied for the coveted NMEA Technology Award in 2019. While only one of the nominated products could win the prize, the field included some very innovative equipment. The winner received its share of coverage and acclaim but not so much the worthy contenders. Last week we told you about five of the products. Here are excerpts from manufacturers’ descriptions of the rest of them, including the winner.

Shakespeare Stream

The Shakespeare Stream wireless booster brings you internet dockside, at anchor and underway. Take advantage of your existing cellular devices and unlimited plans to bring internet onto your boat. Place the cellular-enabled tablet, phone or mobile hotspot that needs to be boosted within 1-2 inches of the black helm antenna and watch your data speed and reliability go up. Share the internet to other devices by enabling a hotspot on your boosted device.

Orolia Maritime M-SecureSync

Orolia Maritime’s M-SecureSync protects critical GNSS navigation signals to the bridge using a unique Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) software to analyze the RF signal and alert the bridge to jamming or spoofing irregularities. Working in conjunction with our Anti Jam antennae it allows both ships and shore-side operations greater confidence in navigation signal security and that they are protected from cyber attack. As the IMO (International Maritime Organization) mandate for greater maritime cyber security nears, this is the first solution that tackles RF cyber security, protecting GNSS, which is critical to numerous position, navigation and timing applications.

M-SecureSync IDM detection allows the user to identify accidental or deliberate loss of GNSS (jamming) or more sophisticated false location signals hidden within GNSS RF (spoofing), which is considerably harder for the bridge team to identify. The system can be formatted as a standalone 19 inch rack based on our core time server unit or integrated into the vessels ECDIS system.

Seatronx V-Series

The Seatronx V-Series marine displays feature superior clear image quality with a clean, sleek design. The V-Series has nine inputs that eliminate the need for additional switching systems. Now you can view cameras, vessel monitoring, navigation, communication computers and black box systems from Garmin and Furuno, from each display. Key Features: 1000+ nits sunlight readable\backlight dimming range 0 to max.,  IPS technology sealed front panel eight inputs: 2 x DVID, 1 x VGA, 1 x DP, and composite\parameter adjustments via remote keypad\standard PCAP  touchscreen.

Nobeltec TZ Professional V4

Version 4 of TZ Professional marine navigation software offers cutting-edge WASSP generation 3 in addition to Furuno DFF3D multibeam sonar integration along with High-Resolution Oceanographic Forecast for fishermen allows you to go directly to the area with the best fishing potential. The bathymetric mapping capacity allows you to make and record own seabed maps and see them live or review later in 2D and 3D views. Multi-beam sonar continuously receives multiple depth readings of the sea floor area around the boat, making it possible to overlay high-quality seabed mapping on the chart. The new Ocean-O service highlights the best fishing areas by displaying oceanographic fronts where specific species concentrate and natural barriers that fish cannot cross.

TZ Professional v4’s many features include Bottom Hardness compatibility, Fishing Workspace, AIS/ARPA (Automatic Identification System/Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) target tracking capability, Voyage Recorder Module as well as C-MAP, Navionics and S-57 compatibility. All TZ Professional features can be configured to users’ needs or applications. Combined with a compatible multi-beam sounder, TZ Professional will literally display the fish entering the trawl thanks to its amazing 2D/3D fish targets display.



Raymarine/FLIR ClearCruise

ClearCruise AR is an industry-first navigation technology that brings leading edge Augmented Reality to Raymarine’s family of Axiom multifunction displays. Using HD video and advanced image stabilization technology, Raymarine ClearCruise AR helps captains make smarter and faster navigation decisions with visual overlays of nearby navigation aids, AIS traffic, and destination waypoints.

The core of the system is Raymarine’s AR200 Augmented Reality Stabilization Module, which contains both a high-precision GNSS/GPS (Global Navigation Satellite System/Global Positioning System) receiver and 9-axis Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor. The AR200 is NMEA2000 certified and can act as the primary source of position and heading for the vessel in addition to supporting Augmented Reality. AR200 offers a fast 10Hz update rate, extremely low power consumption and is waterproof to IPx6.

The system works by blending high-definition digital video or thermal video from networked Raymarine and FLIR marine cameras with dynamic graphics that identify and call attention to AIS contacts, navigation chart objects, and waypoints. The Augmented Reality display updates in real-time and the image is digitally stabilized by the AHRS sensor to compensate for maneuvering and sea conditions. Compatible cameras include the Raymarine CAM210 and 220 IP cameras as well as FLIR M132, M232, M400-series and M500 series cameras.

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