Best underwater boat lighting for 2020

Last week we ventured into one aspect of onboard entertainment—high-performing audio systems. This week it’s products that also qualify as entertainment but for many boaters do double duty as fish attractors and safety/security devices as well. We’re talking about underwater LEDs that can do some pretty entertaining tricks—like change colors and sequencing patterns and sync with your music.

Here are five systems that are this year’s pick of the litter. The roundup is part of an exercise we do at Marine Electronics Journal every year—we call it the Best & Brightest Boating Electronics. We ask manufacturers to tell us which model in 19 categories of marine electronics products they consider to be their best—not necessarily the most advanced or latest but the one than delivers the highest marks overall. That could be their most popular model or the one that has passed the test of time. Our product categories range from fishfinders and radars to electronic charts and wireless devices.

Lumishore TIX1603

Lumishore’s EOS thru-hull lighting systems offer high-performance full-spectrum underwater lighting. The interchangeable TIX1603 has an internal driver and can be serviced from inside the hull without hauling the vessel. It features an ultra-wide 110-degree beam angle and a brightness output of 15,500 verified fixture lumens. Boaters can control their TIX1603 lighting system with the intuitive STV 2204-I display and/or directly from their MFD, using the (required) Lumi-Link Command Center. Features include preset and customizable colors, cycles, speeds, sweeps, modes, and brightness adjust; Sound-to-Light integration with onboard sound system; Wi-Fi control via Apple, Android, or any device with web browser; preprogramed synchronized light sequencing (all lights, all colors, all modes); and auto light discovery and set up.