NMEA Master Dealers

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Master Dealer Program allows boaters to identify marine electronics dealers who are committed to education, technical proficiency, and customer service consistent with NMEA’s high standards.

To qualify, dealerships must have at least one Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET) on staff and meet requirements for technical education and proper use of specific test equipment. A point system based on technical courses that are completed successfully is used to determine a dealership’s eligibility.

In order to ensure a high level of service, dealers participating in the The Master Dealer Program will provide customers with a Consumer Bill of Rights. The document outlines what customers can expect from the dealer and how to file a complaint if they’re dissatisfied with that experience. Any complaints will be reviewed by the NMEA Master Dealer Certification Committee. If a complaint is considered justified, the committee will notify the dealership that it has 60 days to resolve the issue with the customer. If the issue is not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the NMEA national office will step in. A dealership’s Master Dealer status can be revoked if the issue remains unresolved.

List of Current NMEA Master Dealers
Master Dealer Consumer Bill of Rights