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Best marine engine/fuel/electrical monitors

Keeping track of your vessel’s operating systems is akin to tracking your own physical vital signs. It’s always better to catch problems early on when you can remedy bad situations than experiencing a shutdown.(Lede towing shot) This week and next we’ll look at monitors that will keep you informed about the health of your boat’s engine, fuel and electrical systems. Some of the monitors are a bit complicated. We include them so you’ll have some background when talking to your dealer about what equipment is out there to keep you boating safely and without interruption.

Monitoring devices are one of 19 categories of products that we describe in our annual lineup called the Best & Brightest Boating Electronics. We ask manufacturers to tell us which model in these categories they consider to be their best—not necessarily the most advanced or latest but the one than delivers the highest marks overall. That could be their most popular model or the one that has passed the test of time. Categories range from multifunction displays and radars to fishfinders and communications electronics. Click here to see last week’s rollout of emergency signaling devices—EPIRBs and PLBs.

Maretron MPower CLMD12

The new 12-channel DC Load Module replaces standard mechanical circuit breakers and switches with state-of-the-art digital power distribution. Programmable multi-channel DC electronic load modules in a scalable configuration, each capable of switching up to 5, 10, or 12 amps with a total current capacity of 75 amps. Provides fast switching and low-loss solid-state on/off switches. The CLMD12 connects directly to the NMEA 2000 network, allowing breakers to be turned on and off from a Maretron TSM-Series display or any device running Maretron N2KView, including Maretron’s MBB-Series black boxes or smart phones/tablets running N2KView software. Easily handles resistive DC loads like lights and inductive DC loads like pumps and motors, reporting the current through each of the 12 breakers.

Delta T Systems C2

Commercial and recreational marine engines require optimal ventilation at the correct temperature and pressure for peak performance. With Delta T Systems’ C2 Plus Ventilation Controller, it’s easy to manage the speeds of one or more axial fans with its full-color, four-inch touchscreen. Located in the engine room or remotely, it uses the same functionality and wiring as the original C2, so it’s easy to upgrade without having to pull new wiring or reprogram the speed drives. Future-proof, it’s engineered to leverage upgrades. When the C2 Plus Ventilation Controller receives a startup signal from the engine(s), the device automatically starts the fans. It has an emergency stop function and communicates with fire detection and suppression systems. Airflow direction can be reversed, if needed.

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Unichip Marine selects Actisense as NMEA 2000 data partner

Unichip Marine are using their decades of experience in endurance motorsport engine tuning to help leisure boaters enjoy a safer, higher performance boating experience. In creating their Unichip Marine System, their team turned to the experts in NMEA data – Actisense – to help build their state-of-the-art engine control module.


SEVERNA PARK, MD—Manufacturers scored big at the 2020 National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Business Meeting held on September 26, following the NMEA Virtual Education Week held last week. A total of 19 products received the top award, and the NMEA Manufacturer of the Year was named. "On behalf of the NMEA Board of Directors, staff, and membership, we congratulate all 2020 award winners,” said Mark Reedenauer, NMEA President & Executive Director.

"The member voting count exceeded our expectations. This certainly sends the message to the market that manufacturers have focused on producing top quality products for the boating public, even during a pandemic. NMEA members, installers, and manufacturers have surely kept their eye on the ball.”

Boaters benefit from peace of mind on land and sea with Garmin OnDeck Remote Connectivity Solution

OLATHE, Kan./Sept. 15, 2020/Business Wire – Garmin® International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN), the world’s leading marine electronics manufacturer1, today announced its new OnDeck™ System, a remote monitoring and management solution that gives boaters 24/7 access to critical and timely information about their vessel2. When paired with the ActiveCaptain® app, OnDeck keeps users connected to their vessel by monitoring the boat’s battery status, bilge activity, door/hatch sensors, GPS location and more. For extra peace of mind, configurable notifications can even let the user know of changes that may threaten the boat, including if it has moved into or outside of a custom geofenced area. In addition to the GTB 10 OnDeck Hub, the system includes a door sensor, temperature sensor, shore power sensor and relay switch.